Theoretical and mathematical astrophysics, with a focus on stellar dynamics

  • Dynamics of star clusters and galactic nuclei
  • Formation and evolution of low-mass stellar systems
  • Kinematic complexity in kinetic and fluid dynamical systems
  • Gravitational N-body problem, with analytical techniques and numerical simulations
  •  Credit: L. Gandini

    in Tokyo


    I am a Reader and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where I am jointly appointed to the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Mathematics. I am a member of the Institute for Astronomy, which is a component of the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, and the Applied and Computational Mathematics Theme, which is part of the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Made in Italy and forged in Scotland, I held research fellowships in the United States and Japan.

    My research interests centre on the dynamics of stellar systems. Ideas and tools often come from areas of physics and mathematics broadly connected to the gravitational N-body problem. The experimental landscape is defined by the timely synergy between precision Galactic astrometry enabled by Gaia and Hubble, gravitational wave astronomy initiated by LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA, and the exploration of the first sources of light promised by JWST and ELTs.

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